Difference Between Blog and Website

Difference Between Blog and Website

Some people are unable to tell the difference between blog and website. However, we will help you clear the air on what is the difference between the two in this article.

A website is anything, providing you with pages of content on the World Wide Web or any place you can visit online with a URL (http://domain.com). Website is static and contents are organized in pages and is not updated frequently. Example of websites are Ecommerce sites such as Amazon, EBay or community forums like Quora or Google Forums or some social media networks like Facebook.

However, a blog can be a website or a part of a website (Web Log = Blog). It has the most recent content with a conversational style. It is also updated frequently and some bloggers publish new articles in a day. The original blog were updated manually by a blogger and linked from a home page or archived by dates, category, sub categories, author, tags and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. The more updated the blog, the more attention it will get. You can easily start a blog on Blogger, Tumblr or using a CMS (Content Management System) application like WordPress. WordPress is the most common application used by bloggers, providing with the entire system including design templates.

All in all, be it a website or a blog, this depends on your type of online presence. You can even combine the two and have a blog set up on your web page if you are indecisive.

For the most part, we suggest keeping your website and blog modern and user-friendly. In the end, a website vs blog all depends on you.

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