Singapore Domain Name Registration

Singapore Domain Name Registration.

What is Singapore domain? How do i register a Singapore domain? Do I have to register it exclusively in Singapore? This article will be answering all these questions that you have about Singapore domains.

Domains with .sg are Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) unique name of Singapore as their own recognition and can only be registered in some accredited registrar of Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC).

So far it consists of 7 domain extensions mainly .SG, .COM.SG, .ORG.SG, EDU.SG, .GOV.SG, .NET.SG, .PER.SG.

Everyone can register a Singapore domain except for as it requires its registrant to present their company registration name and number. This is to verify and confirm that they are purely doing their business in Singapore.

Your perfect SG domain is waiting for you. With millions of domains registered in Singapore, register and secure yours now.