Cheap VS Expensive Email Hosting

Cheap VS Expensive Email Hosting

It can be difficult to try to pin down the correct option of an email service provider (ESP). There are so many of them, that it’s difficult to see which one would be right for you. ESPs make commitments and give various price points for their feature sets. Does being more expensive mean better for you as well? Not all the time. But does being cheaper means it is better? Similarly not all the time too.

There are 3 main options for Email Hosting.

Shared Web and Email Hosting: Email hosting is also provided by most web hosting providers. If you host your website via a provider, you can also host your email there. Email hosting is also sometimes provided for free with your web hosting subscription.

Self-Hosted Email: Instead of going via a third-party provider, if you have your own servers, you can host your own email. In addition to the difficulty of protecting your email from being marked as spam, the additional costs of servers and systems administrators to manage them also make third-party hosting the better choice.

Third-Party Email Hosting: Look at hosted email services if you need more functionality than what your web host offers. A third-party email host helps you to prevent self-hosting expenses. Plus, a hosted email service subscription also comes with other resources you need to run your company: shared contacts and calendars, built-in video conferencing, team chat, and more.

The price you pay for your email marketing service will rely on a variety of variables, including the amount of mail you want to send, the automation features you need, and the type of help you need. Even, the price can vary quite a bit for similar services.

More expensive or cheap, especially when it comes to email service providers, doesn’t always mean better. Although premium pricing is a sign of quality in general, that is not always the case. It will help you make the right decision by recognising what you need from your supplier and knowing how to pick out the bad apples at every price point.

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