Cheap VS Expensive VPS Hosting

Cheap VS Expensive VPS Hosting

You probably mean low-end and high-end VPS when you look for cheap VPS hosting. Since what you get isn’t always systematically defined by the price tag.

The main differences between a low-end and a high-end VPS are:

The virtualisation used
OpenVZ tend to be the cheapest, with XEN and KVM are more expensive

Allocated resources
The shared/dedicated component is dependent. The more resources are committed, the better the product will be and the higher the price will be.

Servers’ population
It would cost less for overcrowded servers, while those with a fairer population ratio may cost more.

Network speed
It would usually cost more for a faster network speed as it is according to the service provider they get their network from.

Cheap VPS configurations are static and barely flexible, the mid-range will typically scale up, while the most expensive will scale in both ways or dynamically without major downtime.

It is more important to go for a reputable hosting provider than just looking at the price. Having a lower price probably means your missing some important features that you might need.

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