How to choose the right domain name

How to choose the right domain name

When you are starting a company or a new brand and you want to take it online, you will need to think of a domain name to use before embarking to the technical specifics like the kind of hosting and some other factors. Domain names impact your brand and your online marketing – that’s a fact. It has a massive influence in terms of search engine ranking, search to social media results, type-in traffic and offline advertising.  This process may tedious for some but we will provide you some tips on how to choose the right domain name.

Make it short

The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to remember. It’s also more convenient to type, say and share on social media. The shorter is better.

Aim for the .com

The gTLD .com is the most recognized and most accessible TLD. If you want to build up a very brandable domain that can do well, you want a .com.  In the event that the .com version is not available, go for the other common extensions like .net or .co or a country specific TLD like .us if you are based in that country.

Make sure it’s pronounceable

Yes, most people may be typing or clicking it. However, it’s important for a domain to be pronounceable because of “processing fluency”. A cognitive bias that human beings have where we remember (and have more positive associations with) things that we can easily say and think about. That includes pronounceability in our own minds. If you can’t easily say the name, you’re going to lose processing fluency, memorability, and the benefits of brandability that you’ve created.

Steer clear on trademark infringement

Make sure that the domain you will be choosing is not trademarked. Trademark owners can attempt to sue a domain name owner, who’s owning the domain legitimately and using it for business purposes. Registering a domain name that may have been trademarked will also create brand confusion.

Use the right keywords and be intuitive

From an SEO perspective, using the right keyword in your domain name can help. Google has been biasing away from these exact match and partial match domains, but the anchor text you get from people linking to your domain. Also, make it intuitive. Make it obvious what your website is about.

With these tips, you are now set on knowing how to choose the right domain name for your website. If you are interested in checking whether your domain name is available you can click here.

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