How Does Blogging Help SEO

How Does Blogging Help SEO

There are many ways to increase your search ranking on Google. One common way to do so is to blog. So why do business websites have a blogging page? How does blogging help SEO?

Does blogging help you rank higher

The answer is yes, blogging does help you rank higher, only if done correctly. To be more exact, blogging allows you to do things that will benefit your SEO score. So the next question is “How?”.

1. Blogging helps you to keep your website content fresh

Having your website constantly updated informs Google that your site is active. Google algorithm favor sites that are active, as they believe that users should be given updated contents.

Other than Google, users will also stay longer on your site, which also plays a part in your SEO score. This is because it is natural for users to believe that outdated information has lesser credibility compared to updated content.

2. Blogging makes it easier to target keywords

Without a blog, coming up with keywords can be quite restricting, as some keywords that people search up may look unnatural in your pages. This may hinder your SEO score as you may have to use keywords that is more difficult to rank on. However, with blogging, it will be easier to target keywords like “Do I need web hosting for my website” without making it sound unnatural on your website.

3. Blogging helps improve your relationship with your consumers

Last but not least, blogging is a great way to communicate with your consumers. You can write about the problems that your consumers may face and provide some solutions for them. Sometimes, you can even reply to problems that they have written in the comments. This will build trust between you and the readers. Your consumers may return to the blog page to look or ask for a solution to their problems. Ultimately, boosting your SEO score.

Now that you know how does blogging help SEO, the next step is to learn how to write a blog post.

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