How To Change Your Web Hosting Provider

How To Change Your Web Hosting Provider

How to change your web hosting provider

Changing your web hosting provider can be daunting if you are new. You are probably considering it as you may have found that another provider is providing a cheaper or better alternative than your current provider. Fortunately, changing your web hosting provider isn’t as hard as you think. Here is how to change your web hosting provider.

1. Look for a new web host

Before you terminate your current web hosting plan, you should look for your next web host. That way you will minimize the downtime that your website will experience.

2. Download the files of your website

Locate the files of your website from your current hosting server and download them. After that, upload the files to the new web host that you chose through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, if you have a dynamic website there is one more step that you have to do.

Move your database

For users that have a dynamic website, you will have to export your database on top of your files. If you are using cPanel, phpMyAdmin has a function where you can easily export your database.


If you are a WordPress user, you can use their Import and Export function which can be found on the sidebar under Tools. You can also use plugins such as All-in-One WP Migration to assist you.

3. Check your website

After importing all your files and database onto your new web host, go through everything to make sure that your website is working properly. Do this before you cancel your current web host plan as if something does go wrong, you might not be able to undo it.

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