How to do keyword research

How to do keyword research

Keywords, one of the most important factor in search ranking. Google has changed the way that they rank website throughout the years. However, keywords are still one of the aspects that they target. To keep up with the competition you must first know how to do keyword research.

How to begin your keyword research

First thing first, write down the topics that you would like to target, who your readers are. Next, think about what the readers would type in to search for your targeted topics and list them down. For example, the topic that you would like to write about is web hosting and your target readers are beginners. Most likely, your keywords would be something like “What is web hosting”, “How do I set up web hosting” and “What kind of web hosting should I get”.

After listing down the keywords that your reader might use to search for your topic, put those keywords into a keyword research tool. This will help you check which keywords are frequently searched. Some keyword research tool comes with a related keyword function, so you might even discover keywords that you did not think of

Which keyword to target?

You might be thinking: ‘Obviously the one with the most monthly search volume.’. That is both correct and wrong at the same time. This is because, while the monthly search volume may be high, the difficulty of getting ranked for that keyword will be high as well. While if you target keywords with little to none search volume, your rank will take a long time to rise. Thus it is recommended to target long-tail keywords with moderate search volume.

Long-tail keywords

Why should you target long-tail keywords? This way, you can be sure that the content the searchers are looking for definitely aligns with yours. If you target short-tail keywords, users may click away from your website as your content may not be what they are looking for, which will pull your ranking down.

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