How To Write a Blog Post

How To Write a Blog Post

If you are new to writing a blog, you were probably staring at the blank page of your blog site before you came here. No worries, it’s common that newcomers will be stuck on writing their very first blog post. So here are some guidelines on how to write a blog post.

What makes a blog post good?

Before we begin, it is a common prejudice that a blog can only be done if you are experienced in writing. That is not true. The goal of a blog is to get your point across in an entertaining way. So it does not matter whether you are new or experienced in writing. A good blog post will answer the reader’s problem, which brings us to the first guideline.

1. Choose your topic

Before you start writing, it is important to choose the topic that you want to write. Having a topic prevents you from going off about what you actually wanted to write. This happens more commonly than you think it does.

One way to choose a topic is to start with a general one and expand from there. For example, you would like to focus on blogs. From there, you can branch out your topic to tutorials like “How to get your blog noticed” or tips such as “5 ways to make your blog more engaging”.

2. Research

Unless you are experienced in the topic that you will be writing about, it is important to do your research. While during your research it is important that you do not only stick to a single source. Instead, look for different sources on the same topic, that way you will be able to confirm if the information is correct.

3. Plan your flow

To make your writing more smooth-sailing, you should plan how your content will be like first. Create a point form of what you want to write for each section. For example:

“The benefits of having a blog on your website”

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a blog
  3. Benefits of having a blog
  4. What to write for your blog
  5. Conclusion

By planning your content beforehand, it will be easier to focus more on your writing.

4. Keep your reader engaged when you write a blog post

No one wants to read something that is monotonous, keep your content engaging. Use a more informal tone almost as if you are talking to a friend.

Another way to keep your reader engaged is to use pictures. Using pictures also helps the reader to understand the content better.

Now that you know how to write a blog post you are ready. To summarise it, choose your topic before starting, research on said topic, plan out your content and finally write your blog in an engaging tone.

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