Setting up SPF records on cPanel

Email accounts may be prone to being spoofed. (You might also view Email Spoofing (URL) for more information about this.) Thus, using SPF records (Send Policy Framework) would help to avoid having this issue since it prevents outgoing spam messages to be sent. Follow the instructions by this article on how to create it.

Create SPF records using cPanel

Step 1: Login to cPanel.

cpanel login page

Step 2: Click on Authentication under the Email panel.

cpanel email panel authentication

Step 3: In the Authentication page, search for SPF and click on the Enable button since by default this is disabled.

cpanel spf 2

Step 4: You will be redirected to a page where the value for your raw SPF record is shown. Kindly copy the information.

The next time that you will log in to your cPanel, the information will be shown in the SPF field (view image below.)

cpanel spf 3


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