How to secure your website!

How to secure your website!

Secure Your Website with our 10 Simple Tips!

Hackers are out there scanning vulnerabilities of your site on a regular basis to check for 0 day exploits on your site. Below are some great tips to help secure your website!

  1. Update your Content Management System regularly especially opensource content management system such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. As they are widely use and popular and because of open source , hackers and security experts can look through the source codes which are exposed.
  2. Do not use cheap plugins. Normally cheap and free plugins tend to be badly written. Try to avoid using them as they are prone to exploits.
  3. Ensure that your permission is set to read only instead of 777.
  4. Use complex password such as common ones such as password e.g . Some of our customer’s password were too easy which causes their website to be hacked within a week upon live.
  5. Use a bruteforce detection security for your CMS. such as Wordfence for wordpress. However they use alot of resources so try using it in a VPS Hosting plan.
  6. Make sure that all your other web hosting password such as FTP, Control panels and emails password are complex as they might get access of your website information via other means such as server level.
  7. Choose a web hosting provider that cares for your business. QUAPE helps and advise our customers the root of problem and place it in a safe location for customer to fix the problem. We also have our in house developers to assist immediately if you require assistance.
  8. Mask your path to your admin. you can use plugins to mask the admin panel of your CMS
  9. You can use source control tools such as Github which keeps the untouched source code. If your site is being tempered you can roll back easily and you can find the source of the exploits easily.
  10. Engage a proper web developer from a reputable web design company as new developers are inexperience in using right plugins and templates. Some even use Nulled templates with backdoor .

We hope the above tips will help you secure your website!

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