What are the different kinds of web hosting

What are the different kinds of web hosting

You may have just finished designing and coding out your website. Now you would like to upload your website onto the internet, but you are unsure of what kind of hosting services are out there. Don’t worry, after reading this article you will understand what are the different kinds of web hosting.

There are multiple kinds of web hosting, each having its pros and cons. The common three kinds of web hosting are shared hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS) and dedicated hosting.

Shared web hosting

If you are just starting out, shared hosting will be for you. Out of the three options, it is usually the cheapest. You will be sharing a server with multiple other websites, which means that the resources are split. The downside about this is that your website will slow down if another website using the same server is getting a lot of traffic.

Virtual Private Server hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a mix of shared and dedicated hosting. Similar to shared hosting, you will be hosting your website on a server with multiple others. However, a certain amount of resources will be set aside for you to use, this means that your website will be less affected when another website is having a high amount of traffic. This will also offer the user more customizability. The prices will definitely be slightly more expensive than the shared hosting plan. However, it does come with a lot of benefits too.

Dedicated hosting

The most expensive web hosting plan among the three choices, dedicated hosting. It is a bit pricy as you will be getting an entire server to yourself. That means that you will have full control of how you want your server to operate and such. This plan is usually for websites that constantly get a high amount of traffic or for people who require control of the server.

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