When Should You Change Your Web Hosting Provider

When Should You Change Your Web Hosting Provider

Your web hosting provider plays a part in how well your website will do. How do you tell when your web hosting provider is limiting your website potential. Here are the signs when you should change your web hosting provider.

1. Constant downtime

One thing that all websites should avoid is constant downtime. This is because it makes your website unreliable to both new and current users of your site. Which may affect your search ranking on Google.

Here are some reasons why your web hosting service may have caused the downtime of your site.

The first reason is how secured your hosting provider’s server is. That is because hackers can easily hack it if it is not secured enough.

Another reason why your provider may be the cause of your downtime is because of the server overloading, especially if you are using a shared server.

2. Poor Customer Support

As an owner of the server, web hosting service provider should be responsible when something goes wrong. Customer support service should be quick to respond most of the time. If you faced a problem and the customer service keeps providing unreliable solutions, you may have to consider a new provider.

3. Your pages are loading slowly

Page loading speed plays a part in your website ranking. Google algorithm takes page loading speed into consideration. If you are experiencing slow speed for your website where even your provider was unable to help you with, you can consider getting a different provider. Sometimes the cause could also be that the server is not located near the end-user, so it is better to find providers who are closer to your target audience or offer Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Now that you know when should you change your web hosting provider, you can read on how the right service provider for you here.

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